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Attached is an article from China about the Chinese Dream. It is a view of the official approach taken by President Xi who is the source of this concept, although I would guess it has been at least 10 years in its development, alongside the development of the New China’s economic modernisation plans revealed in outline at the recent Third Plenum.

Some will dismiss this as idealistic Marxist rhetoric and Chinese propaganda – As an attempt to make good the cracks of New China.

I do not share or take that view, which I think is based in prejudice, and risks misunderstanding a very powerful nation which is transforming its economy, and revealing its general philosophical ideas.

Some would view China as being a power in the making that could damage our interests. I think when you read the attached you will sense there is much more to China than mere ambition and a search for power.

If we read and understand and hold China to these ideas, then we can negotiate great opportunities for ourselves, and other nations.

China has defied its critics for over 30 years and there is no reason to think that it cannot succeed in the next thirty years, short of abrogation by war visited upon China.

So it behoves us to read and understand what they think and plan.  It is all written and expressed, and we have a chance to see ahead.

We have only ourselves to blame if we are blinding ourselves, and failing to draw up effective ways for ourselves. I think this document is an interesting piece which shows where China has come from and plans to go.

In the final analysis a peaceful world with a growing China needs the architecture of global trade and investment forms, and a global and Asian structure to ensure the world is peaceful – the Chinese Dream seems to give us the opportunity to innovate an Asian and global security approach which moves from bilateral alliances to global agreements.

Anyway this is for you to read and view as you wish.

I am appreciative of the help of Keith Bennett in tracking this down.  We have reviewed several documents and this appears to be the most comprehensive.

Happy New Year


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