CGI response: “China is now the world’s main trade locomotive”, by John Ross

This article by John Ross, who is based in Beijing, is a first rate analysis of the scale of China’s global impact and the effect that has on global economics and politics. Some, who fear, the arrival of China, would try to employ strategies to contain China, but, in so doing, they would undermine the enormous benefits that come from trade and investment with, from, and in China.

The right way forward is to encourage China, and manage the geo-political challenges, that arise, by adapting and reforming the global architecture for global management and security. As we can see, the world needs more trade and investment, not less, and the world needs effective structures for helping responsible capitalism and developing economies to harmonise, and for global tectonic plates to be managed without disrupting core interests.

John explains the key background economic facts that help us comprehend the maize that is the global dynamics.


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