Recommended article by Eric Li: Understanding China – A Chinese view

As you know I think Eric Li presents a coherent Chinese point of view in a form that is easy for Westerners to read and digest. Follow the link and read this short article as it makes two very good points. First is that China study has often ben misdirected by being based on inherent prejudices which block objective analysis. The second is that the Party is the core of China, and that needs understanding, which requires the Party to step out of the shadows. It is the Party that is responsible for Policy and the Government for implementation.

Understanding China is the key for Governments and Business and all sectors of our society. I shall write soon on China’s core policy – Socialism with Chinese Characteristics – and how Adam Smith could be China’s source of how to manage the balance of the Market and the State and that is as important to the West as it is to China.


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