NPC / CPPCC – China’s new global focus –Silk Roads , Maritime Belts, Global High Speed Trains and Nuclear Energy plants

As the sessions unfold, we can get a sense of some key policy areas.

The Western media analysis is focused on a sensationalist, and rather dull, approach. This is partly because the real content is not the stuff of popular press and headlines.

But the content is really rather important for business leaders and major policy makers.

China is opening up much more. It will increasingly focus on the Silk Roads and Maritime Belt. A simple and profitable access to this huge project, for foreign business, will be through China and with China, as big new markets are opened up.

China will play a bigger part in the world. President Xi will visit the U.S.A. in September and will come with new suggestions about how to develop bilateral relations.

I would recommend reading these two articles.


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