One World Two Systems

Many comments in the media about the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) are off target. This is about two systems and how they can work together. One is opening up Asia, especially Central Asia, South East Asia and South Asia through to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The other is the post Second World War order of the IMF and the World Bank and others such as the Asian Development Bank.

There will be a lot of struggle for control but, in the end, this will work because the two systems help each other. If one tries to devour, or control, the other, then there will be quite big problems resulting. If they manage to cooperate then the sustainable global economy will benefit and many developing areas of Asia will gain. If that happens and we open a land and sea route through the Silk Roads the benefits to the Globe of vast new sparsely inhabited areas opening up, then we all gain. It is a win-win outcome of huge proportions.

This story is one which shows awareness of the issues from an American perspective. After you read it you might recall that there are also concerns in the world about the traditional post second world war institutions that are not mentioned in the article

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