Jim O’Neill to join Treasury

Dear Friends

Both these items refer to the appointment of Jim O’Neill, one of our Fellows, as Commercial Secretary to the Treasury.

It is consistent with other appointments in recent years of those from outside Government.

That process is reaching a more mature stage whereby such appointments can be made with greater success.

Jim is highly respected for his work on Brics. Behind that lies the world changing idea of a new continent – the continent of Eurasia – captured in Xi Jingping’s imaginative and well-grounded ideas of reawakening the Silk Roads.

Nations and continents are finding that the new power of the digital age is creating a new dynamic in the world where globalisation is also matched by intensely local drivers of people and businesses and services.

Never more than now did that HSBC strap like mean more – the world’s local bank…

But reinvigorating our Northern region and then others is also the work of China whose own Northern Region is moving very fast and with a local dynamism which will be obvious in years to come.

So a changing world and a changing local.

Good luck Jim




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