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From time to time I refer to articles that are interesting aspects on major themes around China and its development.

Among the core issues the Silk roads are a key challenge for us to comprehend what it might involve and how it might unfold.

At the core is a plan to open a vast new transcontinental space stretching from Vladivostok and all of East Asia to Europe and Africa, including the Middle East.

Over 50 years it transforms world trade from ocean based to ocean and land based, and creates about 1 billion new urban consumers alone in central asia and its nearby areas.

Infrastructure demand alone will approach $10 trillion over the next 15-25 years.

The world’s growth will come mainly from this area.

But underneath it are many challenges and global geopolitics is among them.

The key to the future lies in an unfolding relationship between the USA and China.

We should not be fooled into believing either conflict or peaceful coexistence is the likely outcome.

But the peace prize dividend is magnificent but both nations have to go through a lot of posturing and testing before anything can be guaranteed.

So great opportunity and a lot of testing ahead.

The following article is a useful one to read.


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