China and the USA – a significant set of meetings in Washington

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This week there are three US/China Dialogues

Some media are stirring a real frenzy about the differences.

I prefer to see this period as one where the USA and China are getting to understand the importance of each other, the opportunities that each other provide, the risks and the differences.

This briefing from the State Department is very readable and a pretty good insight into rational American thinking and approach.

It is a useful guide to the agendas and issues.

The Chinese are offering the USA a first move access to the new open Chinese market and to significant cooperation in the Silk road project.

Tensions exist in the South China Sea and cyber space. They are very real but pale into comparison with the economic opportunities.

As the USA moves towards its election in 2016 so we shall see if the Hillary political agenda wins out over a more pragmatic economic agenda combined with the need for global security acceptable to all.


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