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The attached article, by Charlie Hutchison, is a profound addition to the understanding of the relevance of the Eurasian Silk Road project which will transform three continents through this century.

Observations on the Silk Road

As President Xi arrives in the UK, we all want to understand more about the Chinese concept of the Silk Roads and see how it links with Europe and the Africa through modern transport, communications and energy systems.

The UK can be the Western anchor of this new development.

Charlie Hutcheson has spent his career in the communications and supply business with several of the top companies of the world. Seeing globalisation and participating in it, and leading it, he has seen the positive effect it has had on economic development, bringing tens of millions out of poverty, and modern products across the globe. He has also seen the environmental challenges it produces in a relentless banquet of global resources. Charlie is a senior executive with personal contact and leadership of globalisation in a career that has spanned Alcatel-Lucent, B.T., Royal Mail, Cable and Wireless and other global companies.

In this article he focuses on how the new Eurasian Silk road, based on the best available use of resources will help the fight to calm the assault on our climate. Rail links, high speed and normal for freight, will lighten the burden and open up dark parts of the globe to urbanisation and development.

With this comes education and contact and the movement of people across nations as shared prosperity becomes the bond that challenges ideologies and habits, fed by fear, that produce conflicts.

It is a short but compelling piece and I commend it to you


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