China moves ahead with ASEAN and Central and Eastern Europe

While the worlds headlines focus on ISIL and Syria and President Putin makes a historic visit to Teheran , China’s leaders have been active in Asia and with Central Europe. 


If you have time read the news reports below. Whilst they use Chinese wording which can seem general and long on concepts, the underlying realities is that they are translated into realities and concrete trade and investment numbers.


ASEAN is a key investment area for China. It is not new. I told of what I had learned back in 1990 in Yunnan of China’s intention to spread stability, transport links and development throughout the Mekong Delta . It was the beginning of a huge change in South East Asian relations and this is the beginning of a major integration of South East Asia with China.


An EU without political unification but with the RMB playing an ever larger role.


Just as in 1995/6 when Jiang Zemin moved to manage relations during a tense time of South China Sea issues, we again see China’s leaders moving to address concerns and develop closer ties.


In the second story we see China meeting with CEE nations to develop closer relations with Central and Eastern Europe. This is the landing area of the New Silk Roads and a major source of trade and investment in both directions in the future.





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