China transforming its Structure to Centre and 15 new Regions – HKTDC article

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China transforming its Structure to Centre and 15 new Regions – 3 already in place.



Below is a link to an article on the HKTDC site. They really are very professional and they picked up the item below.


It is an article about the Pearl River Delta.


I really strongly recommend you take the 10 minutes or so to read it. This is one of those moments when people later say – but China did not tell us in advance.


I was told about the proposed regionalisation of China about 9 years ago.


These areas will take over as the primary vehicles for the economic development of China . They will take over from the provinces. Here in this one we can see how Hong Kong’s future is being developed within a much wider context, bringing Hong Kong much more deeply into China. it is good news for Hong Kong. But much more important is the broad responsibilities that will be within the Regional responsibility. Just take the time to read and see how this type of change would be virtually impossible in the West.


China has been developing three regions for the last 10 years. Bohai, Yangtze and Pearl River Delta (PRD). Soon there will be 15 Regions across China and the blue prints are here in these three. These regions will also have great significance internationally as they link out of China to the neighbours of China and beyond. You can draw the arcs from these three pioneer regions out and across the seas to Korea, Japan, Taiwan and into South East Asia. As the new regions of the centre and West of China come into play so the arcs will continue across to South Asia and into the Central Asia and Russia , and beyond through the OBOR development plans.


It is not clear to me how the governance will be developed but there is plenty of scope for change.



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