A multipolar world with a leader?


In 1998 Brzhezinsky wrote a major book entitled the Grand Chessboard.  As Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter he had become the successor to Kissinger in leading American foreign policy.


The Grand Chessboard hypothesised that the USA was the first world superpower not to come from Eurasia and its long term future depended upon securing control of this region. The book outlined the historical narratives superbly and projected policy concepts.


One might presume that the differing visions today of Eurasia and the Silk Roads, including China’s BRI – formerly OBOR – all were influenced in major ways by this book and its thinking. Although I think that both Russia and China had, and have, their own reasons for their Eurasian policies.


Now 18 years later he has written the article highlighted below.


For those of us watching and listening to the somewhat complex Presidential debates looking for clarity of views on where the USA goes next globally, this article is again very clear. It is a change of approach because of the changed world.


Perhaps it is reflected in the way that the USA seeks to work with Russia in Syria. Perhaps it might give some insight into how the USA might view the challenges in the South China Sea.


There is no certainty that his thinking would be taken up by either of the main contenders for the Presidency. But it is a very respected man making a very profound contribution to the American debate.


I am sure this was read carefully in Beijing and elsewhere. Although it has slipped unnoticed past the vast majority in the world of foreign affairs.





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