Spotlight: “16+1” mechanism opens up new chapter of China-CEE cooperation – People’s Daily Online

Brexiteers could take a lesson from China opening up new trade routes. Whilst Brexiteers promote Free Trade Agreements, China has moved on from FTA’s to creating new transport routes and links from Asia to Europe and linking all the places along the way.


In the 16th century we participated in opening trade routes. In the 21st century it is China that is leading across Asia, into Europe, and cutting a new canal across Nicaragua, and trying a summer opening of the North West Passage, and they have ideas of building connections across, or under, the Baring Straits, linking 5 continents by land for the first time in many thousands of years.


The future is in the hands of those who can see what we cannot see.


The 16 below are on our doorstep.


I would think Prague is likely to be their financial centre, promoting financial cooperation within their area and to the East, especially with China, especially in RMB.


Does London have a policy for this?



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