President Xi Jinping’s Switzerland Speeches


Below are two links to speeches made in Switzerland by President Xi Jinping.


They are very significant and full of content.


President Xi was essentially saying that a world working together to innovate new ways of growing the global economy and having a shared view of how that world should be peaceful, sustainable and respect different systems. He also suggests that the differentials would narrow as the objectives are harmonised. This contemplates the targets being more about broader concepts of sustainability, harmony, security and welfare.


Perhaps the USA and China will clash in a world of different agendas and power.


Perhaps they will find common ground to help Africa and Central Asia enjoy Industrial Revolutions and Infrastructure Revolutions, which might even include the USA. From this shared agenda the world economy can be kick started again.


At the same time the developed economies will focus on innovation to create a Fourth Industrial Revolution and use those innovations to speed growth and outcomes in Africa and Central Asia.


Working together China and the USA can transform the world economy. Working separately the world faces huge challenges. To work together they need to harmonise on acceptable terms to each other. The Chinese thinking is clear.


That will be the challenge of the next 24 months. It will be turbulent. Change always is.




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