One world Two Systems

The article below covers the trip of the Saudi King to China, where $65billion of deals are reported. Astounding numbers. And a testimony to the development of the New Silk Roads – BRI – and how the bilateral and regional deals are replacing the centuries old G7 dominated world.

The G7 world is not lessening or being supplanted, so much as a new South South world is emerging.

The USA remains the most technologically advanced nation, the most powerful economy and military, but the rest of G7 has expired as the development area for the USA, and its mini region of ASEAN, plus Taiwan, South Korea and Japan has broken away from its dependency on the USA market as all children do from their parents.

So the South South world as it is called, is building fast with new structures and glue, and G7 is stuck with the consequences of 2008 – QE – and a difficulty in engaging in new trade and investment.

The two systems come together in an Industrial Revolution – textile led – in Africa, and a joint effort to realise the New Silk Roads – BRI. That is the proper agenda of Trump and Xi in Florida in April. But for now it seems the USA might talk North Korea and trade differences. For the USA, BRI and Africa as a joint exercise in rebirthing world growth would be more beneficial.

In the meantime read how China continues to develop

The UK might be able through Brexit to address this new world and make significant first step advantages, but by focusing on the new world. Whilst Germany and the USA are preoccupied the UK can advance.

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