FT Article – China’s influence on global finance grows as US scales back input

The below is a good article.

The FT does not enable me to give you direct access as they charge, but you might access it online or in the ft or through this link.

The point they make is about China’s responsible and growing funding of developing countries’ economies through a network of new funds and working with existing structures.

Daniel McDowell and Henry Tillman are both analysts to watch as they seem to strive for objectivity.

Some believe that that the dollar will remain globally supreme. Many believe that the dollar will be the primary reserve currency for G7 and amongst those are, I suspect, the Chinese. Some believe a new SDR based currency is emerging for the rest of the world to sit alongside the dollar. That may have gold as a part of its core valuing, reversing some of the impact of the Nixon abandonment of the gold base for the dollar which created fiat currencies, which appear to be the root of the 2008 financial crisis.

Anyway from an amateur my suggestion that this is worth reading if you are in the sector, and worth beginning to know if you are a follower of global or regional economics or international relations.

Money is the root of all…….



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