Xi Meets Trump and using USA dollars to help rebuild Africa

The meeting of two world leaders for the first time is of great significance. But the moment will pass as the scene setting of these two major world nations relationship for the next four years has been set by events over the last 40 years. Many complications exist but we all hope that the downside makes everyone realise the benefits of the upside.

North Korea or trade imbalances may be the talk of the day, and they are important, but there will be new major issues next month and thereafter. So we hope that a basis for coordination and a respect for each other will be the outcome.

The story below tells something of how the dollars the Chinese stored from 2005 onwards were to be used. In part, to build a new African infrastructure to enable an African Industrial Revolution to develop. Low cost Chinese exports produced the surpluses and they did not go to consumer spending but to fund many projects like this one.

Some see it as part of a Chinese plot to take control of the world. The Chinese leaders say it is part of a commitment to a common destiny for the world. All working at growing the developing world to eradicate poverty and provide education and health in a peaceful and sustainable way.

China is putting its funds to work to create commercial development in the developing world.

Perhaps Trump can see that the Chinese can be the enablers of a contemporary railway system again. They built the American trains in the 19th Century. They can join in building the high speed network the USA so badly needs in the 21st Century.

An interesting world. The British interest will emerge but lost, for now, behind a Brexit cloud which encompasses much of our Government work. The New Silk Roads and an African Industrial Revolution are the best hopes to source global growth and eradicate poverty. Investment in infrastructure is the key building block.

Xi and Trump agree on that.



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