The Belt and Road Forum

Dear Friends

I had the good fortune to be one of those invited to Beijing to attend the Belt and Road Forum.

There has been some comment on this event in the media. It was attended by 28 Heads of State and many other leading persons.

President Xi’s speech below was just a formidable and important speech. I recommend it to you to listen to.

It so eloquently and clearly lays out the thinking.

It captures the spirit of inclusiveness.

It suggests a new way for the world which has been formed on competing agendas to work together in a new way.

BRI is already well started and we only have to look at the Third Plenum in 1978 to see what China envisaged and what has happened in the intervening 39 years to have confidence in the outcome of this initiative.

In a separate communication, I shall send you a copy of John Ross’s analysis of the growth implications. They are truly astonishing and his source is the IMF.

The West has so much to gain.


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