Peter Nolan – Governing Globalisation: The Changing International Economy and China’s Domestic Reforms

One World Two Systems has been a phrase I coined from Deng Xiaoping’s One Country Two Systems, which was the basis for the return of Hong Kong to China.

One world two systems is my sense of two unfolding systems that can cooperate for the long term benefit of all. But the two systems are different.

No one is better able to explain this than Professor Peter Nolan, Chong Hua Chair in Chinese Development at Cambridge University, whose understanding of China, its history and trajectory, is unique.

I am proud to share this paper he submitted to the world’s leading group of Central bankers.

I will, with his permission release more of his writings from time to time.

Thank you Peter


Governing Globalisation- The Changing International Economy and China_s Domestic Reforms



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