International context of the Communist Party of China’s 19th Congress

John Ross is based in China as a Visiting professor. His experience in international economics and China’s development is always useful.


Here he comments on the context of the upcoming 19th Party Congress. It is a useful piece of background as it expresses Chinese development as part of a long term vision and process.


A journey to Socialism with Chinese characteristics – sharing the developing prosperity using China’s historical ways and ideas and increasingly helping the world to sustainable development based on common interests and less of individual nations fighting for self-interest.


I was criticised recently for putting forward Chinese propaganda. I believe we need to understand what the Chinese are saying about their vision of themselves and their journey. I do believe their words are vital to our understanding of China. I am comfortable that those who see what I put out are intelligent people who can make their own assessments.


The biggest mistake the West has made is not listening to what China says. China has done what it said it would do and, my reading , will continue to.


Enjoy John’s contextual piece



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