US – China, Globalism, Globalisation and Nationalism



Here is a very significant article written by Eric Li from China.


His distinction between globalism and globalisation is very interesting. But more so, perhaps, just ahead of President Trump’s China visit, is his suggestion that there is ample room for trade compromise between the two nations.


The UK has been caught before, more than once, following a USA led hard line on China only to see the USA change tack, and leave the UK stranded….


That is not an error policy by the UK, just not being able to sense the change in time. The Nixon visit was one such example. Another was thinking that Bill Clinton in office would be as hard on China as he was in the election. Perhaps Governor Patten might not have taken the tack he did if he had known the line Clinton would follow a few months later.


This really is a very stimulating article:


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