New Era, New Opportunity, New Future – Speech by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming

Below is the text of the first speech by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming . He has just returned after attending the 19th Party Congress.  Five years ago he gave a very insightful speech about the 18th Party Congress. So it was natural that we would look to him to give his observations to us, and we all very much enjoyed the clarity he brought to the important event.


This Congress was almost completely missed by the Western media, who focused on a few personality aspects. The reality was that the Party that governs China, with great success over the last 38 years, was laying out its ideas and vision for the next 42 years.


The world will be substantially affected by what China does next.


The text contained in the connection below will help you have a more complete understanding of China through the mid-century point.


It is better we try to understand this and see where the opportunities and challenges are. There is little doubt in my mind that a concept started in 1962, clarified and deepened in 1984 by Deng, now has deep content given by President Xi. Here is Ambassador Liu’s speech to the 48 Group and the China Chamber of Commerce, hosted by Asia House and substantially supported by CBBC. There were only a few seats per organisation but the speech is available here and on the site





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