People’s Daily Online – World’s first solar panel highway debuts in Shandong


A number of years ago I told a friend, a senior exec at JLR, that they should join with China. He asked why as China was the biggest importer of cars.


He told me China was dependent on foreign engines and automatic transmissions. I told him that in my experience it meant that within 10 years or so China would come to market with a new type of car and JLR might be left behind.


He asked why I thought this.


I said because of 40 years of experience of China. they think long ahead and do not establish foreign majority market share inside China on a long term basis. They import for a long time to meet the national demand but also work on developing new technology for the second half of the century.


I cited wind power and solar power, nuclear plants as examples. It is only 25 years since the British sold two nuclear plants to Guangdong province and now China is planning to build in the UK.


The story below gives some idea of the possible changes in roads that may occur globally to enable electric cars to be charged.


China will be the innovator of the long term as they think long term.


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