Xinhua – China reveals top-level planning of economic policy at Davos forum

Davos is becoming a centre for differing views of the world’s challenges but also where leading nations explain some of their policies and views.


The following article features the public emergence of an old friend, Liu He , Director of the Leading Group on the Economy and Finance in China. they are the structure which provides the basis for the Party to develop policy on the economy and finance. Very influential and key advisers to the President and Premier.


He recently joined the Politbureau of the Communist Party of China. He has long been a major figure in developing economic and finance policy in China.


The Xinhua article explains his policy speech to Davos in Chinese terms.


Bloomberg, and other leading financial commentators, gave great significance to the past and potential future role of Liu He. I would recommend hearing what he is saying and watching for his role in the New Era of China.





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