Happy New Year

Dear Friends

I wish you a very Happy New Year – Chinese style.

China’s plans through to 2049 were laid out by President Xi at the 19thParty Congress. I have already circulated that important speech:


Never let it be heard that the Chinese did not say what they would do.

I would also draw your attention to this very important speech by Liu He, who led the Chinese delegation to Davos. He has been a leading person in the development of the economy and finance for many years.

I highly recommend you listen to this speech


The history of the last 40 years shows the success of the Communist Party of China in virtually eliminating poverty and building a middle income economy. There are many shortcomings and challenges but we would be ill-advised were not to take their plans as a pretty good guide to their future. In fact they are about 10 years ahead of their plans revealed in 1978.

Perhaps the challenges of the international world, especially from Washington, who wish to retain a western led world with the USA at its core, may be the biggest challenge.

My take is the destructive forces of nuclear weapons and cyber and space powers have rendered conflict a cul de sac.  So we must hope that nations cooperate to maximise poverty removal, sustainable development and balanced growth as the means to glue the world. But the purpose of this email is to give you the compass of China,

Happy New Year



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