Xinhua – Annual NPC session unveils China’s action plan for rejuvenation

Seems we are in the middle of propaganda season.


The anti China wing is full of stories that the change in term limits of the President shows that Xi has taken full power and intends to rule for life with analogies to Chairman Mao.


This is thrown around despite the fact that the UK, Japan and Germany do not have term limits. It is a big jump to suggest that they think differently to us – that a leader should lead while they are capable to lead.


Just as it looked like China and the USA were about to start a trade war, it seems to have erupted between the USA and G7. Liu He’s visit to Washington seems to have created some new talking points.


Here is a report that extracts some of the Premier’s report and gives us a sense of the overall thinking of where China is going over the next 31 years through to the second centenary anniversary of the founding of the PRC.


It is worth a read when you have 10-15 minutes. I wonder how a similar piece would read for the UK?




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