The National People’s Congress



This is a busy season with the National People’s Congress creating a lot of headlines.


If you are, like me , a little confused to sort the issues as they come so fast, so I try to find articles which help understand what is going on.


Debates like the one about term limits, and the personalities who will fill senior positions, are usually mixed with prejudice and so get obscured.


Another big issue that is going on is the so-called trade war with the USA. Actually it is not an NPC issue but is a major issue going on behind the scenes between the USA and China that is absolutely core.


Together with China building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, the relationship with the USA is of primary concern within major power relationships.


For now the trade deficit is the key feature of that relationship, although, if solved, other ones will rise in profile. But this trade deficit appears to be a huge problem – nearly $400 billion.


My sense is that China’s foreign trade approach allows for steps to be taken, and the USA needs some significant progress. The following article addresses this issue in a way that makes it easier to follow. Let us hope that wise mminds, working calmly , can find a way of dealing with this. I do not believe that Liu He went to Washington to find out what this was about. He went to allow for serious steps to be taken that are mutually beneficial.


Soon the new names will appear. But it is the policies that are paramount.


President Xi has the brief to deliver the next period of change through to 2035. I expect him to do that by the second half of the next decade, provided the world develops stability.


I do not think this has anything to do with personal ambition. It is to do with what leadership form will be needed to navigate the rocks of a big change in China.


China is only a threat to us if we make it one.  They have more than enough to do. We need to help take them at their word and create a world of shared future together. And that means China needs to share as well. I am confident they intend to. The problem is the lack of new agendas for this century from us.




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