One world Two systems – Cooperating


Two stories that are worth noting if not seen.


The first one signals the continuing sense that the UK is keen on developing a strong business relationship with China, if not a political one. The political relationship is also important, but the link there is one of understanding the different interests that exist in the world, bearing in mind the UK’s deep relationship with the USA. This approach will work for both nations but will also mean that both nations will have to manage some controversial moments such as the Iran situation and many more to come. The USA is busy repositioning itself in a changed world. That will take time to settle provided the outcomes can be harmonised.


The focus is on the economic issues with Brexit. However, once that settles down it will be interesting to see how the British Prime Minister will interact with European Leaders. There will be a new basis for that if we lose our place in the EU. That will be interesting to China, and for the UK’s continued place as a European power.


Bumps in the night!


But the approach signalled by Baroness Fairhead is important.


It will be interesting to see how the USA responds to this bid in this story.







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