China and the World and the Young Icebreakers

This weekend the SCO organisation will meet in China. India and Pakistan will join China, Russia and the five central Asian countries in expanding the SCO mission.


On the 12th June the meeting of Trump and Kim is due.


We can say the world is changing but in what direction. Washington is a source of much antagonistic comments towards China. China remains calm. Washington is reaping the result of creating a huge reserve currency for the dollar which depends on large trade deficits to provide the dollars to world markets. President Trump is leading an American attempt to use its weight bilaterally instead of multilaterally, where it is less effective. It will be interesting to see how the world of nations responds, and if it views the American agendas as mutually beneficial.


There is no doubt this year will present serious challenges, not least of all as Western debt exceeds $30 trillion and growth is an absolute must and 40pc of world growth comes from China.


The tactics of the USA are risky in that context. As Ambassador  Liu advised the Young Icebreakers this week we should stay calm.


The trade conflict and ZTE need to turn a corner soon or President Trump might find himself cornered in his own corner. But global business cannot afford a trade war or worse a clash in the South China Sea. Good advice – stay calm.



Tuesday 5th June we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Young Icebreakers.


This is the lead page of Xinhua today


This is the story


We are proud of our long term thinking and hope that we shall develop the Young Icebreakers into a meaningful bilateral organisation


Thanks to all who created this in the 48 group and CCC



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