China’s University sector advances

This story tells of the continuing advance of the Chinese university sector.


We have little sense, in the West, of what the Chinese university sector might look like in 20 years time, and how it ties into the nations plans.


That this plan exists I have no doubt. That the plan is a result of several decades of research of what happens across the world is also certain. What conclusions they developed from that research and their initial experiments is harder to identify but is not secret.


It would help the Western policy makers to know what the Chinese saw and what they concluded about many different aspects of China’s work.


In the article from Xinhua Christina Yan Zhang is quoted. This is a great sign of respect. Christina has helped the 48 group for many years with our publicity work, but in her day job is a respected link to Chinese universities.


The UK could do well to ask Christina to be part of a team that answered the above questions



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