The Governance of the world and BRI


In the below link you will find an excellent podcast by Jim O’Neill about the future structure of global governance, at least in the economic and financial development areas.


The issues he raises are significant and not adequately addressed anywhere. It will be interesting to see if Chatham House moves to become the centre of global debate. I hope so.


I take issue on his conclusion. I cannot see the USA being the source of new global economic governance structures. The IMF is a creature of the USA, when it created the Bretton Woods global governance. I cannot see the USA leading reform.


The trade war is a significant moment where the USA has taken a powerful initiative to change the facts on the ground. This may not be the beginning of change but it certainly shows the USA thinks it is time to respond.


It is not the place to speculate on the power structures but they will be very significant in the future shape of the world.


Here is a link




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