Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development

Hong Kong’s context is laid out in this article


for those of us who struggled from the Kowloon Hong Kong station to the short bridge into the small fishing village called Shenzen, a journey of two train rides took 8 hours from Kowloon to Guangzhou. Usually taken as the entry route to the twice yearly Canton trade fair, where over 70pc of China’s foreign trade was conducted.


No air conditioning amid stifling heat and humidity, no simple communication links except shouting messages down phone lines to Hong Kong. Those five weeks were a trial for all.


When you read this article and one can anticipate a thriving area of which Hong Kong is the port and, perhaps, the financial district, one is just amazed at the transformation of this area.


Hong Kong becomes the official southern port city of China, and its financial area can become regional as well as international.


Truly amazing when we consider what it takes to deliver HS2 in the UK, or the absence of any high speed transportation in the USA.


I just spent a few days in Hong Kong and noticed how it had transformed from the European city I knew barely 20 years ago, into an Asian capital city, with vast numbers from many areas of Asia.




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