Two systems cooperating or clashing in one world

If the USA can move beyond its current sanctions approach to Iran, North Korea, Russia, Turkey and China, it could build a cooperation with China to bring extraordinary growth to the USA economy.


These targeted nations are among the many leading development economies and strategic forces of the world. The USA economy needs the growth these nations offer, as opposed to economic sanctions with the military threat in the background.


It is clear that these sanctioned economies are an extension of the Obama Tilt, but they take America away from economic opportunity to an American siege economy.


It may be that these countries will be brought to their knees by the sanctions. Many banks in Europe and beyond have been fined out of global competition by Washington. The USA has great power but it is being used negatively. If this economic power could only be leveraged to make BRI and an African Industrial Revolution both a major global reality. Then the USA economy could truly transform. Replacing taxation without representation.


Yes America should fear the threat of hostile nations. But nothing makes them hostile more than sanctions. If these countries were invested in the American economy then they would have little reason to attack the golden goose. An investment that does need monitoring.


The two worlds major economies cooperating can bring regional and global infrastructure of a transnational unique nature opening huge new markets. Together they can release new continents of production and demand that can mobilise the American and all economies.


Sanctions lead to risks and bared teeth. Let us hope that the USA starts to lead global development and support and influence, not by threats, the opportunities that exist.


Perhaps, a new world order is in the making. The concern must be that the worlds debt of over $250 trillion, and its biggest source of growth – China – coalesce with drama at the same time. The opportunity is to build new growth together and let debt subside in the process.


So Brexit chose a fine time to emerge. Some would say the worst of times. Others might say a great opportunity for British diplomacy. Time will tell.


Meanwhile China looks on at its development choices and how they might be exploited by antagonists. And looks at the outside world with a new diplomatic agenda. Whatever happens now China is ready to upgrade its engagement with the world.


If the USA wants a pax with China it is not hard to find.



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