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I just returned from a short trip to China, including Hong Kong. The first story below is about Japan, one of the two Asian nations that the USA hopes will engage in what some people call “Asia’s Nato”. Quad was a recent returning concept of the USA, Australia, Japan and India. Whatever the intent of the USA thinkers on Asia, I would guess that China has been planting positive seeds of building a shared future for a long time.



This second story would draw your attention to Xinjiang as a key link of the BRI between Asia and central Asia to Eurasia. I have visited a few times and always come away wondering why we only hear in the western media about the Huigur issue – a very real challenge. But the transformation of this vast province to being a key link player is probably more important to understanding the long term form of this province. Peoples of different race and religion usually progress when uniting behind moves to build the commercial base for their standards of living. Xinjiang is really worth thinking about when companies contemplate BRI.




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