BRI and Africa

Ahead of the China Africa summit in a few days , Henry Tillman has published this analysis of Chinese works with and in Africa.
President Xi spoke at Brics in South Africa about helping an African Industrial Revolution.
This requires, in the Chinese experience, major investment in infrastructure to enable economic development.
This piece captures much of that. As part of the American push back at China’s emergence as a leading economy, many Cold War pieces are emerging that include suggestions  of push back to China in Africa and some other places.
China deals with the world as it is. To my observation there are reverses and challenges but the Bri project is motoring on through second level challenges.
China knew there would be many problems of implementation including American opposition. But it would seem that planers should adopt a dual strategy – success of American resistance and success of China’s plans. But it is vital that companies have a real understanding of both.
Enjoy the read.

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