China and Africa – The New African Industrial Revolution

China’s President opens the meeting of 57 African leaders with China. This meeting has been proceeding in various locations and formats since the beginning of this century. I would recommend reading through these announcements and reports as the media in the West is giving a different read out. We seem to have two realities. Either China is contributing to mountains of debt in Africa with dubious infrastructure projects, or China is building the necessary infrastructure and supporting economic investments to create an Industrial Revolution in Africa. My reading is that China was criticised for taking cheap resources from Africa, and now for building debts. These criticisms seem to be coming from the same place that criticised opening up in China over the last 40 years.


I would expect that the observers might be looking at the trees and not be able to see the wood. Africa is emerging as the new export base and with a young population is well placed, with a new infrastructure, to become the next engine of the global economy.


British business leaders would do well to rethink their African strategies to take this into account.


Africa is moving and China has thought this through over many years.




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