The fruit is BRI

A fruit


At the core is socialism with Chinese characteristics


The fruit is BRI


The peel is community of shared future – CSL.


The key is the peel, which informs BRI and SWCC. It is the philosophical basis for BRI and SWCC. Xi Jingping will probably rank among the great philosophers of the world as starting with practice, and reality, he is showing the way for nations to develop, and even for capital to become responsible and deliver for its people. It is unique in the field of political economy.


The motor is the single party state and the method of action is the scientific method.


As Deng said, prophetically, in 1984, the single party state has the most applicable characteristics to achieve the fastest economic development from peasant based poverty to high income in 100 years of the PRC, and 71 years since 1978.


Not only producing a modern economy and society but also helping other nations do the same. The single greatest example of which will be Africa.


Many say they do not know what China is planning – read President Xi’s report to the 19th Party Congress.


And see the story below as it says a great deal about the emphasis on innovation, in a global context


President Trump has challenged the PRC to a duel. Xi is responding with tit for tat. But soon that will be exhausted. China has been readying itself for this for over 50 years.




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