China and the West


President Xi Jinping has been very clear at the massive Shanghai Import Exhibition about China’s commitment to globalisation and further opening up. Could not be clearer and their commitments are huge. Vice President Wang Qishan has been very clear, in Singapore, about China’s commitment to an opening world of globalisation and exploring more boundaries to open up more free trade while respecting nations different conditions. China wants peace and growth with the USA. Lets hope President Trump can open a solution door.


Behind all this lies the Community of a Shared Future, BRI, and rejection of Chinese Empires.


China will grow as a nation with a mixed economy, eventually the form of the SOE and the form of the private sector companies will become closer and focus on similar objectives – keeping China advanced, providing for its people, and rewarding innovators, but aiming for a reasonable life for its people in a proper society. About 50-75 years out. The next centenaries 2078 and 2112.


Its history will be its source, and new ideas will improve the old ways. The Political economy will stay in charge.


China will concentrate on itself but help other nations who want help to master the conundrum of developing when you have little.


China did it and can help if countries want that help.


The Alsatians of the White House do not trust the Chinese who are outrunning them. It cannot be because the Chinese way is better, and has learned from the USA. It must be because they are cheats and thieves. What a pity the White House and deeper America adheres to an America is great slogan. China is succeeding because it has a different and successful way. Shhh – it is called the Scientific Way with Dialectic touches.


Frankly no one is great, except the last winner, the one who just lost. Just as Britain was Great so it is not anymore, and we do not say we either are great, or will be great again.


China knows it can become great, and then time will pass and become not great.


National agendas are learning to look for something better, and more enduring than great. It is around enough , and how to stay with enough when you get there.


Great treatises have been written about this but that day of great is gone.


We are on the edge , individually as nations, and collectively as regions, continents and the world, of being about to destroy ourselves with superhuman weapons of destruction or the gluttony of excess.


But we know that and are looking for a new way forward. Tariff wars hardly point us there unless it is an appeal to share. But China gave away its innovations for free for centuries and now the West asks for fees and licences and big sums of money, and often just refuses to share.


So the giving world has given way to the capitalist world – how much is this worth, how much can I get? China plays the game.


Dickens themes still live. Some Chinese do think this is a game. But it is a system and can be absorbed and accepted.


The future lies not in a win of capitalism over socialism or vice versa. It lies in finding cooperation and winning the prize of enough and adequacy and safeguarding, and finding, new resources.


China will not be defeated in a trade war. They have been there in the last 180 years. They know the drill. They know war as well. The USA has the biggest and best but what value when it kills their own markets.


Globalisation has been unfair as divided nations show, and dividing nations demonstrate. But globalisation is here to stay. Tell an African he cannot have an Iphone or support Manchester United. It is here to stay. It is the division of work and reward that is unmanaged.


Hear Xi and Wang and let a mature debate start about how East and West can work together to use their combined skills for the benefit of the world and their workforces. No reward. No work. We all know that.


Let us start a serious dialogue aimed at a new world community trading and investing but guided towards clear and healthy ends.


Take China at their word.


The success, maybe the survival, of the world, depends on reducing and eliminating sheer  greed from capitalism and simplistic concepts of equality from socialism.


The world needs to find a balance and harmony between enlightened socialism and responsible capitalism working together for a mutual good, whilst aware of their different generators.


The world is spinning the wrong way and someone needs to correct it. Maybe the Germans, Japanese , Indians and Indonesians can see a new way to build on BRI as a global agenda. To be the guides.


Corporates and Governments are beyond developing agendas for the new world. We need some wise men and women.




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