International Rules Based Order

Attached is a speech given by Lord Mandelson at a recent Conference on China at Ditchley Park.
Whilst this appears a rather turgid subject, the core of it explains the first and second world wars when handled badly. Those who have are reluctant to part with their control. Those who are arriving and going beyond do not want to be controlled by a cartel or one or two nations. At stake is the terms of trade between nations.
Those that have want access to all markets without tariffs, subject to resistance and morality.
Those that do not have want to access the latest as cheaply as possible so they can produce the goods locally, and build their brands.
It is not difficult to see both sides of the argument.
Especially when China armed the Industrial Revolutions of the world without a fee or licence.
But the reality is that protected innovation produces profits and that is what makes the world go around – for now.
So is China the new rising nation destined for conflict with the existing hegemon? That is what is being negotiated – in 90 days – currently.
That is just some background to the remarks that follow from Lord Mandelson.
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