Two Sessions

The battle for space and inputs is ongoing. Some claim the two sessions are a rubber stamp, but they do not understand the system. If they were a rubber stamp they would be convened and closed. In fact a lot of sub congresses are held , and drafts of reports and proposed laws extensively discussed and debated in the year before the Congresses.


The Chinese system is to have senior bodies meet to accept the debated matter. The differences are managed in the lead up. The outcome is presented as final note of what has been agreed.


Very different from our system where the top meeting argues and fights.


The systems are different.


The test is , perhaps, the result. And the result is a miraculous transformation of China over the last 40 and 70 years.


We are in a period of Washington being concerned about the rise of China and if they are “fit to lead or be at the top table”. Always dangerous to encourage comparisons in this way. But the transformation of China is evidence of a powerful system and an effective one.


I would recommend reading the reports as they indicate what has happened, but , more importantly, what will happen.


This piece is interesting and note our contribution




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