China and the USA

President Trump takes guerrilla action against China. China is probably the greatest manager of guerrilla war. But China’s response will be appropriate and may never be seen by us.


This is an extract from a speech, Thursday, by Lord Mandelson.


Peter said:

Speaking at the launch of Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry, supported by four regional universities as well as GCHQ and the National Cyber Security Centre, Lord Mandelson said:

“Our opening of this important cyber facility today is highly topical as it coincides with President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in the US because of the supply of Chinese cyber software and kit.

In my view, he is raising important issues but for the wrong reasons and taking aim at the wrong target.

He should be focussing on the sheer vast scale and connectedness of the coming 5G revolution and its intrinsic vulnerability to attack.

There are risks of software flaws and shortcomings in infrastructure in the whole of the supply chain, not just a Chinese part of it.

We have to maintain safety of software whatever its country of origin. The UK cyber and intelligence authorities have made clear that there is no unique Chinese risk that isn’t covered by their state of art screening of Huawei at their monitoring centre.

President Trump is fomenting hysteria about Huawei because he is driving a political and commercial agenda against China. It is aimed at China as a whole, not just Huawei.

In the UK and Europe, we must maintain a proper sense of perspective and not allow ourselves to be dragged into President Trump’s attempt to build an economic and technological iron curtain around China. This is his fight not ours, and we must not become part of it on spurious security grounds.”





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