One world two systems

A friend sent me this. If you read nothing else this weekend read this.


I wish I could write this well. But the content says what I believe.


The Icebreakers believe we have two systems in the world. We believe in interdependence to develop the world and keep it working together despite different systems and histories and cultures.


President Xi has reset much and I do believe the tightening of the state, and the termination of his term limits, was, and is , to give China the leadership it needs to change between now and 2035. And then to 2049.


Socialism in China is not a threat to the West. That is one of the great freeing of the minds of President Xi. It is a complicated subject to write in a short email. But President Xi does believe the different Capitalist world and the Chinese Socialist world can co-exist. In fact other systems can co-exist. They just need to decide that conflict is a waste and cooperation is the right way. The world might need military balances to underwrite that.  But President Xi is not after winning against other nations.


Anyway read this good piece




Subject: Chinese State-Society Relations: Why Beijing Isn’t Trembling and Containment Won’t Work – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


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