New China

The new China will evolve between now and 2035. The USA is trying hard to block the rise of China to within acceptable forms to the USA. That will affect the timing, scale and wealth of the reforms. But I doubt it will affect the overall aims.


China does not seek empire . It seeks a socialist state where the benefits of economic activity are shared reasonably, where the peoples lives are cared for, and culture and social development will be vital in developing the moral base of the nation.


The next article is one of those passing articles that tells you want China will do over the next 20 years……………. We have problems with one year.


It is not about growth or innovation. It is about caring.


We have much to learn from a nation that has care at its core for 5000 years.


Clearly the state cannot be left to do everything. Here we can see the people being activated to help the elderly and needy.


Enjoy and ask our leaders to go study…………..



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