One World – the African Industrial Revolution

China has been discouraging Chinese export focused groups from staying based in China. They are being encouraged to develop their businesses in the developing nations to help them develop and broaden China’s trade and investment. That encouragement merely takes the form of local support mechanisms to help Chinese companies develop the contacts and link in to necessary government departments. This work has been ongoing for more than 10 years. Within that the China Africa Fund has been a key player. Recent times they have been redoing their mode of work and are now much more aligned with a role of helping companies get started and then exiting through put options.

In this next article you can get the sense of why I think one of the great wonders of the 21st Century will be an Industrial Revolution in Africa. The Chinese investment in infrastructure in Africa to link African nations is vital. The linkage of African resources with Chinese processing capability, linked to European and USA markets will complete the move of many sectors to being Africa focused.

For the uninitiated the next 10 years will be messy. But after that it will be set and entry may be expensive.

So whether one is looking at Central Asia, South East Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, the Middle East or Africa the tendency towards community of shared future is taking hold.

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