China and the World

Reading this story from Xinhua, continues the theme developed in Russia, of broadening the understanding and reach of Community of Shared Future, which is the core philosophy of President Xi. It is very simple at one level – working together nations can achieve real sustainable development for all the peoples of the world. It is a new approach to a philosophy to underwrite international norms. The world is changing and due to the opening up of the world’s markets more nations are part of the world and can see how to develop. Until now only a few nations could develop as the higher slots were full with developed nations. Development in Central Asia, the Middle East , Africa and South and Central America are now seen in different contexts, which reflects China’s rise – the first rise of a socialist nation. Most of China’s rise was non-ideological and based upon finding the way to cross the river from undeveloped and poor to developed and adequate living standards. China researches everything globally before finding out what works. They are not ideological about this. Catching mice is the key job of the cat.


So Central Asia is the next great boom area of the world, closely followed by the industrialisation of Africa.


The East is taking a form from the borders of Europe to the islands of Hawaii. Asia Pacific is getting a new definition and a new role in the world. BRI is a means to achieve much of the progress through putting the infrastructure in place for a new transnational connectivity. This then gives the platform for meaningful developments of manufacturing and agriculture followed by services.


Europe and the UK need to look outwards and see the new development opportunities of the world.


The world of my grandchildren will be very different with people travelling all over the world easily.





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