The UK and China – finding the way forward

This is a piece from the Sunday Times yesterday. It is an excellent description of the dilemmas facing the UK in managing its trilateral relationship with the USA and China. It also suggests how we handle this.


Over 10 years ago we advised China that managing this would be a significant matter. Perhaps, a containment approach to China could have had effect 20 years ago. But the 48 Group’s deep study of China over nearly 70 years tells us that China’s destiny is not where some fear. When China first started talking about a multi polar world and respecting major nation relationships, many found the concepts difficult to absorb. They seemed out of place. But they were anticipating the changing world.


China is pursuing a Community of a Shared Future


And we are in an era of a certain type of American tactic to support a strategy to protect the historical position of the USA.


That creates a need for all to think how we should position ourselves as both China and the USA are modifying their global positions.


We are also trying to find our way through the complexity of Brexit. So we are somewhat like the spheres rotating within each other on their separate axis, but needing to avoid knocking into each other. It is not a simple craftsmanship process when applied to international relations.


This article helps us understand the issues and think through what we should do.


Let us hope we can safely negotiate this period of change. We can.




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