One World Two Systems – Crossroads in Osaka

President Xi has addressed SCO, CICA, visited Kim in North Korea and now G20. President Trump must wish that Xi would slow down so he, Trump, could travel less.


The pictures from Osaka tell interesting stories. Abi and Modi given 10 minutes each alone with Trump is almost insulting and cannot play well. Trump meeting Erdogan is a fascinating fly on the wall opportunity.


The reports of the meeting with Trump give the impression of Trump trying to make friends internationally again. That would suggest the tactic of busting up the multilateral structures is not going well abroad or at home.


We shall see in a few hours from when I am writing this what the main act produces – Xi and Trump. It is beginning to look like my warning to the USA at the outset of the tariffs war – this is a wrong move that could well hurt – is proving correct. Despite many stories in the Western media telling us China is struggling, the reality may be that the USA is having difficulties.


We shall see what emerges.


In the story below I am drawn to President Xi talking of today as being like 2008. This is not yet a financial crisis, but the reduction in demand and growth is endangering the stock markets and a crash could well happen.


Gold is rising and that is usually a signal of a bear in the woods.


Do read this story as it is an authorised release with the emphasis were it lies.


I think China is ready for a tough period when the international market might be brought to a tough place. They probably feel that the USA threats must stop, and that includes Iran, sanctions, targeting companies the USA finds inconvenient, and the vicious fines levied by Washington.


The U.N. has been put into a siding by the USA who has taken their power onto themselves.


We shall see what emerges tomorrow and the weeks that follow but, I am again drawn to encouraging you to read “On Contradiction” by Mao.


The UK has, like many other G7 nations to decide which way it jumps. We wait to see if the small number of conservative Chairmen will back Trumps choice as our next Prime Minister.


It is all fascinating


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