Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area

The article that follows is clear indication of Beijing’s intent that the GBA is a great opportunity for Hong Kong and Macao.

This was reinforced by President Xi in his speech at October 1 70th Parade that made Hong Kong and Macao a central part of his speech.

Hong Kong has been left behind by a long period of British rule which kept Hong Kong’s population very remote from China. this was not changed from 22 years of rule by the business elite of Hong Kong.

Clearly China is not going to interfere in Hong Kong unless they cannot stop this terrible violence. But they will offer help to the Hong Kong young, poorer and vulnerable and disadvantaged sections with the GBA project.

This article gives some sense of how that will be possible.

Carrie Lam spent some years as the Hong Kong commissioner in London and is respected here. It is in the British interest to develop the GBA and from Hong Kong. It is in the Biritish interest to focus on how to stop the violence and help Hong Kong take premium advantage of the GBA, especially in the Finance and Law and innovation areas.



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