China and the USA


The story below is from Xinhua. It is worth reading slowly. We all tend to speed read.


So peace of a sort for now.


We can expect this to fester for the period ahead until there is a result of the Presidential election, and a decision as to whether to return to battle with the rise of China.


Between now and then more evidence will emerge of the value of China to the USA.


China is the largest single source of Western growth for the last 20 years and for the next 30 years.


Battling China is, to some extent, self-harming.


Probably the one issue to fully emerge is the real concern about Huawei. That seems to be that their leadership in 5G may have an impact on global leadership of Big Data and AI. It is really less about security, which is all nations’ concerns. Security cannot be managed by bans!


However much some may wish globalisation away its reality is always evident.


Our world is interdependent, and sharing and controlling will always be two aspects.


The West needs to engage with President Xi’s Community of Shared Future – it is the only philosophy out there for this era.


There will be others but this one is contemplating, among other concepts, the rise of the middle classes as the larger class, and its rise is not confrontational – now there is an interesting idea! A world where the result of sustainable economic development is a middle class led world!



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