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I am indebted to my friend and colleague Keith Bennett for these stories from the Chinese media.


We both share this belief that news from China is often not noticed.


The society that China is building will probably be for the middle class who will be the largest single class in China – probably the first in the world.


So their economy in areas such as education and welfare, employment and housing, will face similar challenges to our economies and societies. It is becoming clear that their innovations are just that – innovative.


The base for their study of facts is the West. They have been studying us for more than two decades to see how to provide for their society for the period from 2049. Its roots are being rolled out now.


So the stories that Keith is highlighting are very relevant to understanding China and understanding us.


The solutions to our problems may lie in China increasingly. For sure, their analysis of our history is very interesting,



China capable of meeting rising elderly-care demand: official – Xinhua |

Spotlight: Shanghai exhibit honors history, legacy of Jewish refugees from Europe during WWII – Xinhua |

SDIC invests over 20 billion yuan in poor regions – Xinhua |

China’s nation brand value surges 40 percent: British consultancy – Xinhua |

Economic Watch: China “cracks hard nut” with new tax reform – Xinhua |

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